• Dutchess Fairgrounds

  • Dutchess Fairgrounds


In 1950, the reincorporated Dutchess County Agricultural Society, Inc. purchased Springbrook Park and renamed it the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. The facility has since grown to 147 acres. Construction on the fairgrounds over the years has been constant and impressive. Today, the largest agricultural 6-day fair in New York State has a physical plant that is the recognized as one of the most beautiful in the country.

Scope of Work

ScanX3D used the innovative stop-and-go vehicular scanning platform, called the TopoLift, to scan approximately 9 acres of fairgrounds surrounding one ticket booth area during the course of a few hours. Using reflective targets strategically placed on numerous control points throughout the area, the scanner was geo-referenced to previous base mapping.

This scanning served as the backbone for the conceptualization and design of a new patron ticketing experience. Designers created a variety of approaches to ticketing and arrival sequences, and included ideas for image and functional improvements that could be made by related site improvements.


ScanX3D CAD technicians processed the pointcloud and extracted valued information in the form of a topograhic plan and a high quality 3D surface model. The existing conditions plan derived from 3D laser scanning data accurately reflected tree canopies and overhead wires that were critical to the design team.

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