• Natural Gas Facility

  • Natural Gas Facility

Natural Gas facilities often comprise of multiple episodes of construction and removal. An accurate set of drawings for existing assets is imperative yet hard to manage. A complex MEP network is no easy task to record using hand measurements or other survey methods.

ScanX3D provided laser scanning services to THE ENERGY SUPPLIER as a means to document current spatial conditions. All visible features were captured quickly and accurately without direct contact of pressurized lines.

ScanX3D can test design models against point cloud data for clash detection or construction verification. Reduce errors and avoid costly RFI’s that slow down project timelines. Field time was reduced by 70% compared to conventional methods while providing a much higher quality deliverable.

ScanX 3D has the expertise and equipment to be your 3D Laser Scanning partner. Tell us about your project and receive a free quote today.

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