• St. Mary’s Hospital

  • St. Mary’s Hospital

Decades of renovations and tenant interchanges had left outdated floor plan drawings for the hospital’s medical office building. The architect contracted ScanX3D to provide laser scanning services for the purpose of producing up to date spatial information. Working with the client’s current data base, ScanX3D determined that two partial floors required documentation.

The 3D laser scanning team coordinated with hospital security and active tenants to access the entirety of required space in order to capture the needed area. The laser measurement system utilized by ScanX3D did not disrupt the daily operations of the offices. Technicians quickly moved from one room to the other while capturing all necessary spatial data.

Over 200 individual laser scans were processed to create accurate current drawing sets. The architectural model was also delivered to allow the design professionals a 3D working environment for all future renovations and management.

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