• UCONN Science Quad

  • UCONN Science Quad

ScanX3D conducted laser scanning as a means of producing existing conditions plans required for the Northeast Science Quad site improvements at UCONN’s Storrs Campus. Located within the Science District between North Eagleville Road and Glenbrook Road, the Northeast Science Quad (once known as the Pharmacy Quad) is a 1.4-acre enclosed open space bounded by five science buildings, including the recently completed Engineering and Science Building – the first science building funded by the Next Generation Connecticut Initiative.

The intent of this project is to improve safety and accessibility while creating an outdoor gathering space within this well-traveled quadrangle. Improvements include vehicular and pedestrian paving, site lighting, drainage, site furnishings, plantings and lawn. The design is also contemplating potential improvements to the parking area between Torrey Life Sciences and Atwater Laboratory.

ScanX3D technicians worked alongside conventional survey crews to establish a permanent link between the laser scans and the campus coordinate system. Field technicians acquired the scan data for the entire area of interest in one work day. This included full HD panoramic images to create a true color display of the scan data as well as optimize mapping productivity.

CAD technicians then utilized the pointcloud to create a highly detailed and accurate topographic site plan of the quad. The digital terrain model derived from the scan data properly includes curb lines, retaining walls and ramps. Collateral data obtained from the long range 360 degree scan patterns allowed for further processing when the scope of work was later increased. This saved an additional site visit that would have been necessary to collect the extra information.

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