Vernon WCPF

The Town of Vernon provides municipal wastewater treatment to Vernon, Ellington, Manchester, South Windsor and Tolland. The Facility is currently undergoing a treatment process upgrade to meet the strict limits of the newly issued DEEP/EPA permit and to replace many treatment system components because they have exceeded their useful life. Some of the components have been in service long enough that spare parts are no longer available.

Our Role
ScanX3D entered a subcontract for Methuen Construction in order to provide detailed information of the existing structures and piping. Laser scanning services have been provided for several clarifier tanks and buildings throughout the complex. Retrofitting existing components requires precise knowledge of the existing conditions. This was accomplished by leveraging the effectiveness of 3D scanning along with detailed CAD Drawings/Models.

Added Benefits
The majority of the project has been met with the added difficulty of Covid-19 response measures. Fortunately, scanning is a remote sensing method that dramatically reduces the need for any direct measurement activity. The areas were fully captured and uploaded to Autodesk’s Recap web browser application. On this platform all project members could visit virtually and collaborate with each other from the safety of their homes.

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